Herb Seeds

Herb Seeds

Is there anything more luxurious than having fresh herbs at home? Being able to pinch some fragrant basil leaves for the pasta or sprinkle some rosemary over the Sunday roast before it goes into the oven.

Herb seeds are among the easiest things you can grow and the advantage is that you can do it almost anywhere. Outdoors in pots, balcony boxes, or in a garden plot, but also indoors on a windowsill or under plant lights on a darker spot. Herbs thrive in shining sun but also in semi-shade. Most varieties can be both pre-grown or sown directly, and many herbs can also be grown indoors year-round.

Most people know that herbs thrive and flourish in soil, but did you know that herbs are also excellent for hydroponic cultivation? Very practical if you want to grow herbs indoors year-round!

Another wonderful tip is to make your own herb garden in a pallet crate or a larger pot, since herbs are easy to companion plant. Herbs and herbs attract pollinators and are the perfect lure for kitchen gardens or other vegetation. Below you will find some tips on how to think about companion planting of herbs.

Herbs that thrive well together:

- Dill, chives, basil, coriander, parsley and chamomile thrive well together and are a lovely mix.
- Rosemary, sage, and thyme are all Mediterranean herbs and therefore thrive well together.
- Oregano and basil benefit each other's growth and are a nice pair.

Herbs that don't thrive as well together:

- Avoid planting different mints with other herbs as they often take over the soil completely and compete out the other varieties. Mints are excellent on their own in pots because of their incredible growth power. Different mints thrive well together!
- Avoid companion planting fennel with dill and coriander
- Another tip is to avoid companion planting herbs that have different sun and irrigation needs.

Growing herbs is both fun and easy but most importantly very useful. Most varieties can also be dried and frozen, making it possible for you to pick and use your herbs whenever you want. At Florea, we recommend herb gardening warmly for both big and small!

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