Gardening School

Articles with tips, advice, and lots of inspiration in gardening

Here we share tips, advice, and inspiration about cultivation from all the experience we have at Florea and our ambassadors. When it comes to cultivation, you never really stop learning, it’s always a fantastic journey for new experiences. One year, spring comes early, the next it arrives late, the third year there are extra many killer slugs, and the fourth year we get no rain. What we’re saying is that no year is the same as the other, and growing zones don’t have to be set in stone.

Our motto is that a seed always wants to sprout and it’s okay if you fail. Even the most experienced do not always succeed with their cultivation, and that’s how it will always be. Sometimes, it’s not the result that’s most important, but the journey there. Welcome to read our articles to get tips, advice, and also be inspired about what new things you should try this year?