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New seeds

    This years news

    We have chosen each seed with great love and care

    It is more than 60 new seed varieties that we have worked hard to develop during the past year. The focus is mainly on flowers but there are also a few unique tomatoes


    Meet the team

    We are a happy group of individuals with different backgrounds and skills

    At Florea is where we all come together in the dream and vision of inspiring more people to start gardening

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    Popular Seeds

      Sunflower - White Sun

      A new and completely unique sunflower variety with white beautiful petals and yellow center

      This white beauty is a clear favorite of ours at Florea and among our ambassadors, but also of all our pollinators. A unique variety that enchants both young and old and creates magic in the garden, on the balcony, or in bouquets.

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      Seeds for our pollinators

      Proud supporting company - Operation Save the Bees

      The situation for wild bees and other pollinators is critical. In Sweden, one third of our 270 wild bee species are on the verge of extinction. Food shortage, pesticides, and climate change are threatening our wild gardeners.