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We have selected the most beautiful 25 varieties from our growers in the Netherlands

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    Inspire your loved ones with the joy of gardening and give a gift from Florea. Our giftsets suites both beginners and pros!

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    Grow dahlia

    Grow dahlia from tubers

    The splendid dahlia becomes the centerpiece of the garden from midsummer well into the fall. Dahlia’s underground tubers are stored over winter, enabling them to return with an increasing number of blooms year after year.

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    Meet the team

    We are a happy group of individuals with different backgrounds and skills

    At Florea is where we all come together in the dream and vision of inspiring more people to start gardening

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      For a cultivation brand that wants to take care of our planet, sustainability is a true heartfelt issue

      Our ambition is for people to be happy, healthy, and take care of the only planet we have. Our work has just begun, and we have a long way to go, but here you can read about some of the initiatives we have taken so far to create a healthy and climate-neutral business.

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