Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds

The sunflower is a popular and easy-to-grow flower that now comes in all sorts of colors and heights. We have several different varieties, but of course, we are particularly proud of our White Sun. Buy your seeds from us and we will deliver them directly to your mailbox within 2-4 days

Sunflowers are nowadays available in all shapes and colors. Some varieties can be as low as 30-40 cm while some practically have no limits. A popular competition is who can grow the tallest sunflower? We had a customer who sent a picture of a sunflower that was far over 3m tall.

Our variety "Giganteus" often grows over 250 cm tall but everything depends on the conditions you provide, such as how much sun, nutrients, and space for the roots.

Today, there are sunflowers with yellow centers, black centers, or why not red, white or black leaves? As I said, they come in all colors and shapes today.

Sunflowers can sometimes be attacked by very hungry deer, and then we recommend Trico Garden. Another problem can be snails. If you often have problems with many snails, it may help to pre-grow the sunflowers indoors so that they have time to grow a little before being planted outside and possibly attacked by the snails.

To get the best results, we recommend sowing sunflower seeds directly in the planting area. Then you get a powerful plant with sturdy stems. Pre-grown sunflowers indoors tend to grow a little too fast due to the heat, and the stem often becomes smaller and weaker, as does the flower.

Many people pick their own seeds from a sunflower, which works great. The only thing to look out for is if the sunflower is an F1 variety. If it is an F1 variety, you cannot expect the flowers from the picked seeds to be the same as the flower you picked from. Usually, it actually becomes something completely different.

Taking care of sunflowers is very simple. They basically only need water and a little nutrients. If a sunflower has good conditions, it can shoot up in height, and then it can be good to support it with something.

Sunflowers are also immensely popular among our pollinators, which means that every sunflower helps our planet. You can also harvest your own seeds and eat them, but a tip is to let the birds eat the seeds instead.

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