Summer Mallow Seeds

Summer Mallow Seeds

Summer mallow is a fantastic summer flower that can be sown directly or pre-grown indoors. Summer mallow is very similar to hibiscus, and it's not surprising since they are related to each other.

The summer mallow comes in several different colors, so there is one that suits everyone. From each seed, you get a large plant, and the summer mallow tends to branch out and set new stems that then produce many flowers throughout the season.

In fact, the summer mallow is excellent as a cut flower. It provides long stems and good vase life.

The summer mallow can grow between 60-120 cm high and has a bushy growth habit. If you harvest flowers, it will only produce more, which is very rewarding.

The summer mallow has been grown in Sweden for a long time, and did you know that it is also called "torparväxt" or "grandmother's flower"? With that said, it is a popular flower among both young and old.

The summer mallow also does well if sown in autumn or winter. The seeds will lie dormant on the planting site during the winter and then sense in the spring when it gets warmer that it is time to start growing.

So, how should you take care of a summer mallow?

Try to plant the summer mallow in a sunny or semi-shaded location, and if possible, in a somewhat sheltered location. If you are going to plant several plants next to each other, a distance of about 30 cm is a good distance. One tip is to use the summer mallow as a background plant in the flower bed as it can grow over 1m tall. Another tip is also to plant a couple of summer mallows in the vegetable garden together with other tall crops - such as corn, pole beans, and Jerusalem artichokes.

The summer mallow is an easy-care plant that blooms generously throughout the summer. If you do not succeed in planting them in a sheltered location, they may need a little support in the form of a trellis or a wall.

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