Sweet Pea Seeds

Sweet Pea Seeds

Growing your own sweet peas is fantastically rewarding. The more you harvest, the more flowers you get. Sweet peas are a favorite at Florea, and we have several different varieties, colors, and shapes. Welcome to browse our seeds to grow sweet peas.

The sweet pea is a climbing plant that can grow up to 2 meters tall. It has been popular for many years, which has led to the development of various types in terms of color, height, stem length, and so on. Today, sweet peas with slightly longer stems are particularly popular as cut flowers.

What is most fantastic about a sweet pea is that the more you harvest, the more it blooms. In fact, you have to harvest the flowers, otherwise the plant will form peas and you won't get as many flowers. If you are going away on summer vacation, we recommend that you ask your neighbor to harvest a bouquet of sweet peas once a week. It is good for both neighborly relations and your plant.

Sweet peas thrive in well-fertilized soil and require a good amount of it. They actually want a lot of everything, sun, water, soil, and nutrients. When provided with these conditions, the plant performs at its best and you will definitely have a fresh bouquet of wonderfully fragrant sweet peas on your kitchen table every weekend.

Sweet peas can be sown directly outdoors when the soil is workable, that is, when the frost is out of the ground. It is also possible to start pre-growing sweet peas indoors in February-March if you want earlier flowering. Many people call week 12 the classic "Sweet Pea Week", when many start pre-growing their sweet peas indoors.

A tip for avoiding leggy plants is to keep them cool. If they are too warm, they will shoot up in height but at the same time have very thin and leggy stems. One tip is to move the sweet pea outdoors when it has emerged from the ground about 5-10 cm. Sweet peas are hardy and can tolerate a few degrees below freezing as long as they are fairly sheltered from the wind.

Since sweet peas come in various shapes, colors, and scents, be sure to read the variety description to get the specific characteristics you are looking for.

Sweet peas cannot be dried.

Start harvesting sweet peas as soon as the first flowers appear for the best results.

Remember to give your sweet peas plenty of water and nutrients at all times.

Sweet pea seeds that you do not use can be stored in the freezer for as long as you want. The seeds do not deteriorate as long as they are in your freezer.

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