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Tulip - Akebono


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Akebono is the Japanese tulip that took our floral hearts by storm in the summer of 2023. An absolutely outstanding variety that immediately caught our eye with its elegant and, above all, unique floral splendour in bloom. Akebono means “bright sky at sunrise” or “dawn” in Japanese, and this lovely tulip owes its name to its stunning colours that gradually change during flowering. The variety initially boasts large, magnificent petals in a charming sunny yellow colour that gradually softens to a more creamy yellow. Akebono can also sometimes have a soft, pink brush-like streak on the outermost petals. The flowers are fluffy and full, and take on an almost peony-like appearance when fully open.

This tulip has a long stem that magnificently supports the large flowers, making it ideal for both garden borders and as a cut flower. Akebono is also highly regarded by florists and gardening enthusiasts worldwide for its incredible vase life, unlike many other double tulip varieties. Our cultivation expert Johanna Damm grew this variety this spring in several places in her garden and was equally impressed every time she put them in a vase. Many of the akebono bushes could stay beautiful for up to two weeks and sometimes more. To quote her exactly:

“Few tulips have impressed me as much as Akebono has done, it just got more and more beautiful the longer it was left in the bed. When it was as creamy yellow as only a tart lemon sorbet can be, I pick them and they stay nice for another two weeks”


    Product information

    Sowing time
    Harvest/flowering time
    40-49 cm
    Planting Depth
    10 cm
    Plant Spacing
    10 cm

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