Florea want to make the world greener

For a cultivation brand that wants to take care of our planet, sustainability is a true heartfelt issue. For us, it’s not a side project, but something that permeates all the choices we make as a company. Even though we are just starting out, we have set extremely high goals for ourselves. We will try to be as transparent as we possibly can, and share everything we can along the way.

Our ambition is for people to be happy, healthy, and take care of the only planet we have.Our work has just begun, and we have a long way to go, but below you can read about some of the initiatives we have taken so far to create a healthy and climate-neutral business.

Organic seeds

Our range of organic vegetable, flower, and herb seeds is very dear to our hearts. Our organic seeds maintain the same high quality as all our products. The cultivation of organic seeds involves more technical challenges than the cultivation of conventional seeds, and crop failure is more common. Therefore, we work with reliable partners to guarantee availability.

The seeds are grown, cleaned, and inspected according to organic production standards. This means that we do not use any chemical pesticides and only use organic fertilizers. Of course, all our organic seeds are also non-GMO.

Seed packets

Did you know that our seed packets are made of paper produced from old tomato plants?

Tomato plants grown in the Netherlands are primarily for food retail (e.g. tomatoes for your local grocery store), and when the tomatoes are harvested and the plant is to be discarded, we instead choose to reuse the plants and create pulp. It's hard to believe, but the fibers in a tomato plant are actually well suited for making paper. In addition, the bags are completely plastic-free and can be recycled like regular paper. The tomato paper also has a very beautiful character, which is another plus.

A win-win solution where we make use of already used materials and also get a nice seed packet.

Climate compensation

Tricorona Climate Partner

For us at Florea, sustainability and climate are crucial to our operations. We try as much as possible to use organic farming and methods that are gentle to nature. The emissions we do cause, for example, in the shipping of our goods, we have chosen to offset. Our entire operation is carbon offset.

We do this with the help of Tricorona Climate Partner through the Karnataka project. Karnataka is a state in southwestern India, and the project basically involves building wind farms. In addition to cleaner electricity, which would otherwise come from fossil fuel power plants, this also contributes to a more stable and better access to electricity in the region. Moreover, the project generates local jobs. In addition to this, an initiative is driven that helps women start their own businesses through self-help groups.

The Karnataka project is certified by the Gold Standard for the Global Goals and by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

100% climate-neutral packaging

We are convinced that it is possible to change the world, one package at a time.

What is ÅterBära? ÅterBära is the first eco-label for 100% climate-neutral packaging, developed by Avisera. When you choose ÅterBära-labeled products, you make a good environmental choice and also offset the carbon dioxide emissions of the products!

How does it work? We have already done the heavy lifting, which is to calculate how much carbon dioxide emissions the production of materials and manufacturing of our packaging generates. But it's you who make the real difference. When you order ÅterBära-labeled printed matter from us, we offset it by planting and preserving trees.

Rädda bina

Proud sponsor company

The situation for wild bees and other pollinators is critical. In Sweden, a third of our 270 wild bee species are on the verge of disappearing. Food shortages, pesticides, and climate change threaten our wild gardeners.

We are all dependent on the vital work of bees and other insects. About a third of the food we eat is pollinated by them. Operation: Save the Bees was launched in 2019 in response to this serious situation. Through the campaign, already tens of thousands of people have become engaged in support of bees and other pollinators. This year, we are putting pressure on politicians to get rid of bee-harming chemicals. When you make a rescue effort for the bees, you also contribute to important citizen science. Together, we make a difference for the bees!