Patio Peony - Madrid

Paeonia Lactiflora
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Patio Peony - Madrid

Paeonia Lactiflora

We are particularly excited to present this delightful new addition, as it opens up endless cultivation possibilities for those who garden in a limited space, on a balcony, or for those who simply can’t get enough of peonies. This is indeed a pot peony, a shorter variety developed to grow in a smaller space while still flowering abundantly. It’s wonderfully suitable as an entryway plant or to adorn a balcony with.

The flowers are beautifully white, open, and closely resemble the well-known variety Jan Van Leeuwen in appearance. This is a fantastic peony variety that is highly appreciated by all our pollinators. This type of peony also works well when planted in open ground if desired, and it looks beautiful when planted in the foreground with other slightly taller varieties in the background.

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    Product information

    70-99 cm
    Planting Depth
    3-5 cm
    Plant Spacing
    100 cm150 cm
    Light Conditions
    Full SunHalf-shade
    Sowing time
    Harvest/flowering time

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    Peonies are magnificent additions to the garden. Their large, dense flowers are splendid in arrangements and adorn the landscape. Scented peonies also spread a fantastic fragrance. An extra advantage is that neither deer nor hares like peonies....

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