Flower bulbs 2023

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            Flower bulbs are easy-to-grow eye candy for the garden, pots, and bouquets. There is a huge variety of both spring and summer blooming bulbs. Many faithfully return year after year. Some varieties, like scilla, snowdrops, and some tulips, spread and increase in the flower bed...

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            Perennial flower bulbs

            Do we have perennial flower bulbs and how does it work?

            All tulips in our range can bloom for several years if given the right conditions. Normally, we would say that all are annuals, and if they bloom for several years then it's just a bonus. This applies to virtually all tulips. No tulip is really perennial, but what happens is that if you provide the right conditions for the tulip bulb, it forms a new side bulb during the blooming period, which is the one that blooms the following year.

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