Meet our team

We are a happy group with many different backgrounds and skills. At Florea, this is where we all come together in the dream and vision of inspiring more people to start gardening.

Erik Hoekstra

CEO & Founder

Erik is the founder of Florea and currently serves as CEO. He is primarily responsible for our product range, procurement, and production. His favorite flower is the tulip, while he cannot imagine a summer without homegrown tomatoes. Erik is the third generation in his family working with flowers and bulbs. His family is from Lisse, the Netherlands. Before founding Florea, he worked for 7 years at Plantagen in procurement and product range development.

- Lives with Ebba and 2 daughters.

Anders Espinoza

Creative Director

Anders is Florea's Creative Director with main responsibility for everything creative in the company. With a background in music production, photography, and videography, Anders is behind the films and many of the beautiful images shown on Florea's website and social channels. Although gardening is somewhat of a new world, the interest in nature has always been significant, and the dream is a house in the countryside with its own garden.

His favorite flower is the ranunculus, which he likes so much that he (by mistake) posted it on Florea's Instagram, on the tulip day

Johanna Damm

Gardening specialist and garden expert

Johanna is Florea's Gardening Specialist and garden expert. She grew her very first tomato plant at the age of three and fell in love with gardening. The tomato plant of the Ailsa Craig variety became an entryway to 27 educational years of gardening, and today she has grown over 300 different tomato varieties. She has a strong preference for dahlias but also for edible flowers such as marigolds, nasturtiums, and cornflowers.

She lives on a farm with her husband and their youngest child, named after Johanna's absolute favorite flower, Iris.

Philip Eriksson

E-commerce & Marketing Manager

Philip, FLOREA's Urban Gardener, primarily responsible for digital marketing and website optimization. Living in an apartment, but trying to prove that you can grow plants regardless of living situation or level of knowledge. Enjoys cooking, so herbs are a big favorite, but this year, our white sunflower 'White Sun' became his favorite.

Johanna Berglund

Content Creator

Johanna is Florea's biggest energy bundle and spreader of joy. She has been with the company since the beginning and works with content, assortment design, and most importantly, shares her knowledge at all our fairs and events.

Johanna grew up with gardening, an interest that has only grown over the years, and her beautiful garden is proof of this. Her favorite flower is the wallflower and her favorite vegetable is kohlrabi. Something not many know is that she is obsessed with 90's music and when she was younger, she drove a moped!

Anna Kubel

Creative & Content Manager

Anna is a photographer, stylist, and creative professional who has been working with us since the start in our creative team. She was the one who laid the foundation for what Florea would look like, and with her incredible sense of touch and eye for color and shape, she has been instrumental in shaping everything visually. She also helps choose our assortment and ensures that we have the finest varieties with the most beautiful colors.

Every year she grows lots of summer flowers and has recently discovered growing edible plants! Her absolute favorite flowers are the nasturtium, which she has been growing diligently for many years now!

Jasmina Bylund

Creative & Operating

Fotograf/Content Creator, stylist och kreativ idéspruta. Jasmina har varit med i vårt kreativa team från start och hjälper oss med allt från foto till styling. Hon är även den som ser till att Florea ser lika fina ut i den fysiska världen som på nätet. När vi dyker upp på mässor och andra tillställningar är det Jasminas vision som ni får se.

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